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Land Protection Branch
Technical Guidance

The Land Protection Branch has provided technical guidance documents online organized under these categories:

Branch and Regulated Facility Group Contact Person Contact Phone
Automobile Mercury Switch Recovery Program Lon Revall 404.362.2537
Asbestos Abatement Contractors Telephone Duty Officer 404.363.7026
Lead-Based Paint Abatement Telephone Duty Officer 404.363.7026
Scrap Tire Management Winthrop Brown 404.362.2537
Solid Waste Permitting Jeff Cown 404.362.2692

Solid Waste Trust Fund

Lon Revall 404.362.2537
Surface Mining Permitting


Jeff Cown 404.362.2692
Underground Storage Tank Sites Technical Assistance Duty Officer 404.362.2687

Hazardous Sites Cleanup

Provided to assist consulting firms, property owners, responsible parties and prospective purchasers investigate and cleanup contaminated sites. This guidance also includes links to technical and supporting documents and links to relevant sections of the Rules for Hazardous Site Response.

Response & Remediation Program 404.657.8600
Hazardous Site Management Fees Response & Remediation Program 404.657.8600

Vapor Intrusion

Response & Remediation Program 404.657.8600
Hazardous Waste Management




Hazardous Waste Management Program



Hazardous Waste Management Program, Generator Compliance Unit







Hazardous Waste Manifests

US EPA revised the Hazardous Waste Manifest Forms used to track hazardous waste from a generator's site to the site of its disposition.  Handlers of waste may obtain new forms from any source that has registered with EPA to print & distribute the form.  Please note that older forms are no longer valid for use.  The new Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest must be used, as of September 5, 2006.

  1. Submission of copies of Manifests - Georgia does not require copies of manifests be submitted to the state regardless of whether the waste originates or is disposed of in the state.
  2. State Specific Waste Codes - Georgia does not have any state specific waste codes.
  3. Printing of Manifests - Georgia will not be printing blank manifest forms.  Refer to EPA's Manifest Registry webpage for a list of approved registered printers.

[Revised September, 2006]

Hazardous Waste Management Program, Generator Compliance Unit 404.657.8831


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